Monday, July 21, 2008



I know I have been absconding from the blog has been topsy-turvy to say the least. I lost my Dad a little above 2 months ago. He went away peacefully. Come what may, I will never be able to fill the void created by his passing away, but am somewhat at peace when people console saying that he was a good soul and will be seated with God right now....I believe them and I believe that my Dad is happy whereever he is today.

I will always remain his little girl, his doll, his little angel....I dont think there was anybody in this world whom he loved as much as he loved me.....yes nobody...and my family will whole heartedly agree to this statement....even today when I open the doors of the home where he lived, I feel his warm hug, his outstretched arms waiting to hug me and hold me tight, there was nobody in this world who could wipe away my tears without asking me a word, and yet comfort me. Just a sneeze or a cough would make him worry endlessly. When I am there I miss him fretting over me with something or the other to eat or drink, and I remember how irritated I used to get, just hoping he would leave me alone and not fret so much.

For years he handed over the first cup of tea into my hands, and a kiss on my foreheard, every morning - even before I could open my mother always complained he spoilt me rotten, but I loved every bit of it, and miss all that affection so much.

He lay so peacefully and so warm and with such a beautiful smile on his face that it was hard to beleive that he has gone....a day I dreaded so much, and it was there, and I was facing was as if a part of my heart had been torn away, and even today as I write, I feel a peice of my heart missing.

My Dad lived with just 20% of his heart functioning for as long as 10 years!! He was indeed very brave, and it was his sheer willpower and urge to live on without complaining that saw him through such a long period...Doctors amaze at his capability and zest to live.

I love you Daddy and miss you sooo much.

I hope to restart blogging very soon & I hope all my blogger friends are doing well