Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Hi everybody....I know its been a long while now, but am somewhat glad to be back. Honestly speaking, I have been sneaking around blogs but not wanting to join in the bandwagon for some unknown reasons,...I dont have an answer myself. Maybe it was nothing but sheer laziness to get back....mmmmm....n maybe no answer will satisfy me. So i've decided to leave it at that....what say???

But I missed blogging and all in this awesome blogsphere.

I have had this recipe pending in for a long time now. I love these fritters and more so on a rainy evening, when you just want to dig into something "hoily" - what I meant was "hot & oily" :) The onions add a very different crunch to them and they are outright delish. I will also share my MIL's secret for giving them an extra crispiness....which might not be a secret to many, but to me, it was the unveiling of a biiiiig secret when I was told the method. I guess that's whats passing on traditional kitchen secrets is all about - eh???

Here I come .........

Ingredients -
250 gms - finely chopped spinach (definitely afer washing the leaves)
2 big onions - finely chopped
enough gram flour to make into a thick batter
a pinch of asofetida
salt to taste
green chillies as per taste
a pinch of haldi / turmeric powder


In a wok heat enough oil. I somehow prefer using lesser oil, even though I might need to fry a batch or two extra shifts, but I prefer less reuse of the used oil (I hope I am able to make myself clear).
Mix everything together to make a thick batter
Drop in spoonfuls of the batter into the oil & fry just a wee bit less than golden brown.

Now for the ultimate secret - remove them from the oil and let them cool just enough to be handled.
Keep one pakoda in the palm of your hand and just press them a wee bit and refry them.

Beleive me - there will be an extra crunch....

You have ready to dig in, hot, irrestible pakodas.