Saturday, October 27, 2012


Yesss that's exactly my life has been all about during the last few months.

We moved out of India and moved into Nairobi.

Rajeev moved out first, since all this happened suddenly and he had to join by a deadline.  So I stayed back to pack and finish off things.  There was a lot to be taken care of for sure.  When his day of departure got near, I could see the restlessness and anguish in his eyes and I totally condemned him for being so childish.  He left, and as my days to leave grew nearer, I could feel the same anguish within myself.   As I drove around the lanes and roads I have been driving around for such a long time, it came to my mind that very soon the lanes will be different, the roads will lead somewhere else!!  It caused and uneasiness within me, and I realized how wrong I have been in not being able to understand his sadness.

Finally the day arrived and I packed myself and my little one, saying goodbye to my mom at the airport.  As always Viha didnt allow to me to sit back and laze the last few hours in Delhi.  I had to be running around after her.  Very soon I had boarded the flight, and there too she jumped like a Kangaroo playing and making friends with everybody.  What is with little children, not being able to keep the difference of a stranger and a friend.  Anybody who appeals to little mind is a friend to them - anybody willing to play hide and seek, or share a smile.  Life is so easy for them, or is it?? We will never know, till they are able to speak clearly.

Finally she had to be tied by a belt to me :) and soon she fell asleep.  I too wished I could just fall asleep - but I couldnt, and that was the difference between her and me.  I waited for morning to happen and the plane to land.  It was so easy to move away distances in thousands of mile in just an overnight journey.  A journey which may have been unimaginably tedious and lengthy if not for technology and innovation!!

The joy of meeting a loved one after days of separation is inexplicable.  You can recognize the face in a thousand faces. 

Nairobi to me seemed a lot like Kerala, minus the coconut trees.  I reckon it with the State coz I am so familiar with it.  The loneliness ate me and my little one initially, and does so even now.  I very soon put her in a playgroup right in front of my house so that at least she had some friends to play with.  I took out on my being my expeditious self , travelling sometimes by the infamous Matatu (public transport) and sometimes by taxi.   I love the flora and the fauna of the town.  Beautiful flowers covering the street sides and tall tall trees covered with flowers varying from red, violet and yellow.  It was not easy to adapt to the fact that you can just skip down and pick up a few basic necessities from the small shop near your house. That a packet of milk (1/2 litre) costs kes50 or app. inr 40.  It will take time to stop the conversion, but I am sure I will do so.

I am looking forward to a fresh air, loads of scenic beauty, wildlife in abundance and a different life altogether.

I will keep blogging.  Watch out.

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