Wednesday, December 19, 2007


As Christmas draws near, we are all busy decorating our homes, baking & preapring for the Big Day...visiting friends, buying new clothes, making party lists, cleaning our homes......the list is endless, but have we ever stopped by to think why Jesus actually came into this world, why God put up his only son up on the cross to die such a painful death, n that too when he himself was so pure, so white - just as snow!!

I really hope that amidst all the baking & blogging we spend a minute or two reading the below writeup & think about the immense love of God. A love of incomprehensible -I use that word cause it truly is something that goes beyond our human minds.


Please open your Bible and read:
(Luke 2:1 - 20)

The message of Christmas isn?t just that of a tiny baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. We must remember the reason the tiny baby was born.

The true message of Christmas is that eternal God came to earth in the form of man in order to save His own creation. It was a necessity, because fallen man is mired in sin. There is no remission of sin without the shedding of blood, so God?s perfect plan meant He had to provide a substitutionary sacrifice to atone for man?s sin. That tiny baby in swaddling clothes came for a purpose. He came to die.

Those infant hands that twitched and worked themselves out of their wrappings within a rough, perhaps wooden, feeding trough were the very same hands that were later nailed to a rugged, wooden cross. They were the same hands that, though scarred, carefully folded his burial wrappings (John 20:7) when He rose from the dead to defeat sin and death and to give us eternal life. And they are the same hands that lovingly reach down and pick us up through this often difficult life.

This Christmas season, when everything seems so hurried and harried, don?t get caught up in the materialism and busyness. When you come across a manger scene, notice the baby, but think beyond Christ?s infancy to His reason for coming. Make an effort to remember the real message of Christmas. Remember His hands. Remember His heart. Remember His undying love for you.


Lissie said...

truly inspiring message! let all of us have the goodness in our hearts so that there is peace all around us...

shella, the pineapple wine is made from the skin of the pineapple which we throw away! try this simple and delicious wine :))

Asha said...

Great post Shella. You know in US, it's politically incorrect to greet somebody "Merry Christmas" which is strange to me!! Logic is we have to say "Happy Holidays" so we don't offend non-Christians!! I don't mind saying Merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah at all because that's what they are!!
Enjoy Shella!:))

Cynthia said...

Thank you for keeping things in perspective for us.

Sig said...

Wish you and yours a merry christmas Shella!

Shella said...

Lissie - yeah, it is so much required. Thanks for the clarification on the pineapple wine.

Asha - that's really strange, n which reminds me of an incident where I sent somebody overseas a Christmas greeting, n he reverted furiously saying that they dont celebrate Christmas but Hannukah!! I was zapped.

Cynthia - you are always welcome dear. I have this urge to share such beautiful articles, when I come across some - with all of you.

Sig - same to you & yours. Hope you mentally back at your home now, after the gorgeous vacation!!

Cynthia said...

You are always inspiring.

Merry Christmas!