Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I would truly have to begin my first post of 2008 with apologies to Rachel of Tangerine's Kitchen, n to all other friends who waited for me to do something with my secret ingredient, especially to dear Bharaty of Spicy Chilly who to my embarrasesment did even send a few reminders !!! Sorry to all.

Withstanding the thuder n rain prevailing in Chennai during that time, the packet finally did reach me in one peice - to my delight. I opened the packet to find this ........



Though I did get my ingredient, I honestly was soooo tight with time on hand that I really couldnt tweak some out for making something using Raisins. I just didnt want to make ANYTHING, but make SOMETHING - do I sound wiered - but I guess you understand what I mean.

I finally used my MIL's help n came up with this delightful North Indian sweet, which is an instant energy booster, n popping just one or two with a glass of milk make a wholesome breakfast - believe me, try it n you will agree with me.

I wont waste more time.......

KISHMISH PINNIYAN - RAISIN ENERGY BOOSTERS (that's all that I could think up as a suitable name in English - if you can think of something better pls do let me know, I'd happily change)

This will make around 10-12 pinnis

Ing -
2 cups - wheatflour (seived n husk removed)
3/4 cup - powdered sugar (if you want it to be moderately sweet)
3/4 cup - ghee (melted)- 2 tspn separately
10-15 almonds
2 cardamoms
1/2 cup - raisins (chopped)

Method -
In a deep pan, put the wheatflour and 2 tbspn ghee & roast it on low flame. Keep stirring in between till the colour has turned brown in colour. It will have a very nice aroma.
Meanwhile grind the almonds & cardamoms together into a form where it is like breadcrumbs, but not very fine.
Remove from fire, add the ghee while the flour is still hot.
Try binding the flour n see if the same holds together, if it doesnt then add a little more ghee.
Now add the powdered sugar and the ground almonds & cardamoms. Mix using a spatula.
Add the chopped raisins & mix well.
Now comes the most difficult part, you have to make the material into balls while it is still hot. It will require a lot of endurance, but it does come (it did come to me, n so I am sure it is surely already there in you).

Let them cool & then enjoy these delectable delights. I really love this thing for breakfast. I really love the raisins & the crushed almonds give them a certain crunch.

My MIL was impressed that I could do this on my own, n she surely was proud.

So here is my entry for the Aruvasai Friendship Chain which I really enjoyed.

I am sending my entry to Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen & dear Priyadarshini of Food and Laughter. Girls lookout for your packets. I shall be sending them off tomorrow.


Nags said...

oh that looks lovely. what a nice gift to receive :)

Rachel said...

Whewww finally Shella! :P
And apologies taken :D

That is some refreshing dish there! A very different one.

Happy cook said...

Beeter late than never.
I am always looking forward for this chain post to know wht you girls are sending eachother :-)))

Asha said...

Shella, take your time and never feel obligated by event etc. Your life comes first and then these blogging and stuff. I have learnt the hard way!:))

Pinniyans are new to me, looks like great dessert to have, kids would love it!

shriya said...

Your recipe for this sweet is excellent and mouth watering. And it's very different from the ones I have seen. Also I am waiting eagerly to see the chain post.

Bharathy said...

The much awaited post is here.and asha as far as I know shella was never obliged or anything..She had been so very sweet and co-operative and we too had waited patiently..Since she took this effort the stunned chain is moving again!!..

Pinniyans are new to me and they look Awesome!!

Pass my spl regards to your MIL.Let her feel more proud of her Keralite Bahu to have trying all the toughy diffy Northy sweets,giving her due respect ;)

Laavanya said...

Those look great Shella and what nice way to use those raisins.

Oh for the love of food! said...

Hey there Shella, thanks for visiting my blog - Looks like you're enjoying yourself, isn't Food Blogging wonderful?

Shella said...

Nags - thanks, I hope that you will try this.

Rachel - thanks to you I got to make this one.

Happy Cook - I know its exciting.

Asha - thank you so much for the advise, really appreciated. I know we all tend to get a little carried away at times, but then its all part of the game.

Do try the recipe, I am sure you will enjoy this one, n so will the kids. You will see them gobble these up.

Shriya - thanks for dropping by. Do try out the recipe.

Bharaty - thank you for all your patience. I shall surely do so, she will be more than happy. Blv me, I think she is the most proud MIL having a Christian, Mallu bahu. I can see that when all the others relatives are complaining about their's n she is all praises.

Laavanya - yeah its a very different recipe.

Oh for the love of food - yes it is indeed wonderful. I hope you will try the recipe.

Aparna said...

These are new to me. I have to hand it to you on coming up with something unusual.
I will wait for my packet.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post..its great knowing new dishes...


Sig said...

That is a great dish, very innovative use of raisins... BTW, something wrong with your new post, it doesn't let me leave a comment, but garlic and potatoes is my favorite combination :)

Cynthia said...

Shella, I was trying to post a comment on your potato post but kept getting a URL error :(

Shella said...

Aparna - thank you. Your packet is on your way.

Srivalli - thanks. I hope you try it.

Sig - yeah there was some problem. I have corrected it. Thanks for pointing it out dear.

Cynthia - Yeah, I've corrected it now. Thanks

Rina said...

Loved these urundai.. Never try making these with wheat flour..Bookmarked dear.

bird's eye view said...

Hey Shella,

Finally made it to your blog - have been inundated with work so barely managing to post entries on my blog for the past couple of weeks. You know, these pinniyan are also made post childbirth - supposed to help you recover/ strengthen the back and so on, only edible gum is also added to the recipe. My mother used to make it but because I wasn't supposed to have any ghee, she used to just make up the powder mix, not an urundai - and that tastes great with hot parathas! I'm impressed that you made these on your own, somehow laddus seem very tough to me.

Shella said...

Rina - do make n let me know how they were.

BEV - hey Priya, great to have you here. Yeah my MIL too told me this, but she makes this often to go alongwith b/fast. Never thought of having them with parathas, but sounds good, so will surely try them the next time. You know what, they are not as difficult as they sound. Were quite easy, so do give it a try.

Kribha said...

Pinniyans are new to me but from the ingredients used I can see that it is so healthy. You have used your surprise ingredient really good.

k said...

Gosh! I miss Delhi for its winter savouries...piping hot gajar ka halwa, badam milk , gulab and of course Pinniyan!!
Thanks for sharing the recipe...I am gonna definitely try...