Friday, January 18, 2008


There are some things in life that you inherit. No, not in terms of money or assets, but here I refer to things that are handed over to you by your elders in terms of knowledge. Things that experience has taught them, n they would like to pass them onto us. Small tips that make a marked difference.......

The following recipe is what I consider part of my inheritance from my mother-in-law. This is the first time I made it, n beleive me, it is a treasure of a recipe. The flavours were incredibly special, n the end product was a delight on your tastebuds.......

I never knew something like "hara lahsun" even existed. I would see it at the vegetable vendor, but never could distinguish it from the spring onions. That's when my MIL told me that though they look exactly like the spring onions, the bud (i.e, the lower white part) is way much smaller than the onions. This is the first time I used them in anything at all, though when my MIL is here she often buys them, n uses them in the dishes that she makes.

Ing -

50 gms (4/5 stems) - hara lahsun / spring garlic
1/2 cup - fresh fenugreen leaves finely chopped
5 green chillies
1 onion - chopped finely
2 cups - wheatflour
1/4 cup - milk(room temp)
salt to taste
ghee / butter for shallow frying

Method -
In a big bowl, add the wheat flour.
Add the spring garlics chopped very fine & washed
Then add the fenugreen leaves chopped very fine & washed.
Add the onions, green chillies chopped & salt.
Add the milk & mix well.
Now add required quantity of water to knead into a smooth dough. Dont use too much water, coz the dough will turn sticky and difficult to roll.
Heat the girdle / tawa.
Roll the dough into chappatis & shallow fry on the tawa using some ghee/butter or oil - as you like it.

I made mine piping hot (in terms of chillies) and served it with red-hot chilly pickle and plain creamy curd. The chilli pickle was made by MIL, n I shall be posting the recipe soon.

It was a blend of flavours & tasted really really good.
I think this one nutritious breakfast to be served either to kids or packed for lunch.


Bharathy said...

The Methi parathas are healthy for sure!..have never tried out this combo yet..:)
Nice recipe, Shella :)

bhags said...

parathas look so delish....makes me hungry...gotto try this variation

Shella said...

Bharaty - do try. You will love this version.

Bhags - Its a must try & a keeper of a recipe.

swapna susarla said...

Hi shella ji
Thanku for visting my blog. u have a wide variety of recipes.I am going to try ur eggless chocolate cake.

vimmi said...

Love methi paranthas,\. What a lovely twist. i too have seen hara lehsun in India, never used it in cooking though.

Happy cook said...

Wow that is what i call excelent parathas

Richa said...

love the hara lahsun, available in winters! parathas look so tempting :)

Shella said...

Swapna - thanks for dropping by. Pls try and let me know how it was.

Vimmi - this was the first time for me too. But I loved it.

Happy Cook - me too. Love the flavours.

Richa - I even used hara lahsun in some cooking after that.

Roopa said...

Thanks for stopping by :). I have always made Methi paratha with garlic. Didnt even think of making them with spring garlic. Will definitely try soon

Superchef said...

wonderful for breakfast!!

bird's eye view said...

This sounds yummy, esp for someone who loves garlic like I do. i had made a yummy soup with these green garlic stalks some time last year.

Meanwhile, I have tagged you over at - look forward to reading your post.


Rachel said...

I am with you in how small things such as these are passed on by the elderly!! the recipe sure is a keeper!!

Aparna said...

I wasn't aware of hara lehsun, either. But I rarely use garlic. I guess the garlic flavour would be milder.

Shella said...

Roopa - do try pls.

Superchef - it would be simply suuuper.

BEV - hey thank you. I will check it out ASAP.

Rachel - it sure is one. Would you get Garlic Springs in Kochi??

Aparna - you should get it a ttry??

Kate / Kajal said...

We gujjus also make these them "Thepla" which has also become a kinda nickname for poking fun at gujjus. Its a traditional dish and gujjus are know for it so the nickname alwyas sticks like " eh dhokla " , or " eh thepla " haha ,

I simply love these and its been a while since i made some. Your pictures have got me craving some now !!

Rachel said...

Cochin..I wouldn't know Shella!!1

Cynthia said...

These are priceless inheritance.

Rajitha said...

yum! the issue is how do i stop eating after a decent number..delicious :)

Sweetiepie said...

parathas with garlic spring smell so good.Yum yum!I am going to make this tomorrow...:)

Shella said...

Kate/Kajal - hey didnt know these are similar to theplas. I've heard so much about them, that I really wanted to try them earliest possible.

Rachel - me neither, n dont think it would be available.

Cynthia - they sure are....

Rajitha - after a while I guess your tummy would let you know.. ;-)

Sweetiepie - make them n let me know how they were. My MIL will be very happy.

Dhivya said...

hey good idea.i am a new blogger plz do see my blog and encourage me

Kribha said...

Nice parathas shella. Perfectly done. I've never heard sbout hara lehsun before. It's very new to me. Thanks for letting me know about it.

Shella said...

Dhivya - you have a very nice blog

Kribha - thanks. I too didnt know till MIL told me about them.

TBC said...

Methi parathas with achaar...hmmm... I'm craving for some right now!:-)

I have some frozen store-bought ones right now but they taste nothing like the fresh, hot ones off the tava:-)

Anonymous said...

That looks absolutely delicious - I could eat about 10 right now, and it's almost midnight :)

I'm still loving your blog. You write lovely posts.