Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I think no Cuisine uses "lentils / daals" the way Indian cuisine does. The recipes are endless, the spices used is exhaustive & the results are always excellent. Some like their thick n creamy, there are others who like the watery consistency, n still others who prefer it mid-way i.e., not thick but a bit watery.

I prefer mine thick. Perfect to scoop up in a morsel of chappati, or mush it up with rice, or better - eat as it is.

I love black daals better than yellow ones too. I guess these are also personal preferences. Coz my husband likes yellow rather than black - so I keep it fair, n make both equally.

This particular combo is a favourite of mine. This version that I am giving you is the simpler one. The same combo is used to make the famous Daal Makhani, which I shall make some other day & post the recipe separately. This is a simpler & less caloried version, but the taste is great in its own way.

Ing -
1 katori - urad sabut (black one with skin on)
1/4 katori - rajma
1 inch pc of ginger
5/6 flakes of garlic
3/4 flakes of garlic (separate)
a pinch of hing
1/2 tspn - turmeric / haldi
3/4 - green chillies
1 jumbo onion or two medium ones
a pinch of sugar
salt as per taste
1 tspn - garam masala
1 tspn - jeera / cumin seeds
Either juice of 1 lime or 1 tspn of amchur powder


Soak the daals overnight.
Take a pressure cooker, add 1 tspn of oil in it.
Grate the ginger & the garlic (or make a paste of both) & fry the same in that oil.
Add salt, & the lentils & cook for about 20 mins.
In a kadai - heat some ghee (for the real taste) or add half-half ghee-oil, or if you are way too concious just add any oil of your preference.
When hot, add the jeera till it sputters. Chop the garli flakes kept seaparately & fry till just about brown.
Add the hing.
Add the garam masala & stir well.
Separately add the lime juice or amchur into the daal & mix well. Test the salt & add if more required.
Now add half the tempering into the daal & mix well.
The rest of the half use for garnish

I served this hot plain rice & some gaajar-shalgam pickle & aloo paappad for a fulfilling lunch


Happy cook said...

The way you described how you are eating your lentils made mt mouth water.

Asha said...

I love this dish, called dal maharani and makes a wonderful side dish for parathas too!:))

sra said...

I've made this, but somehow, the colour put me off both times I made it, so I stopped making it. The recipe I followed had milk and all that, yours is definitely lighter.

renuka said...

hi shella
It's my first visit to ur blog a nice one too.I too have a lot of collections of recipe.This recipe is a good one I'll try it

Uma said...

You have a nice blog, Shella! Love all your recipes. This rajma dish looks yummmy! thanks for visiting my blog!

Sig said...

Hey Shella, I didn't get any email from you... can you send it again? :)

Shella said...

Happy Cook - then dont wait anymore, rush to your kitchen.

Asha - thanks for tellin me the name....yes they would go well with parathas, specially if the daal is a day old.

Sra - try this one, you wont be disappointed.

Renuka - thanks for dropping by. Pls do try

Uma - thanks for being here

Sig - repeated my mail Sig.


Hi Shella

Just landed up here and am so glad I did...A lovely blog with great content..Like your version of Dal Makhani...Will see you often


Sahefa said...

do add a pinch to my post

bird's eye view said...

I've never tried this combo before - shall try it out - sounds yummy and I'm a dal fan - can have it by the bowlful by itself!

Cynthia said...

I know this is sort of gross right but the truth is, if anyone wanted to kill me all they'd have to do is spike my dal (lol) alright, don't go getting any ideas :)

Shella said...

Swati - thanks for being here. This is a humble version of the daal makhani, but the real one is yet to come.

Sahefa - yeah sure

Birds Eye View - thanks. Do try

Cynthia - LOL No ideas taken dear.

Nupur said...

Thank you for sharing this recipe! I have put down whole urad on my shopping list; will let you know when I try this.

Shella said...

Nupur - oh great Nupur. do try, I am sure you wont be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Shella,Is that urudh dhal used for idly you cook along with Rajma.Totally a new concept for us.Even Rajma we rarely use.But now I have a packet of Rajma and wanted to try a dish out of it.Looks good.Please clear my doubt.I will try this recipe

solai said...

Shella,It was me who was posting the comment.Got sent before I finished.Sorry

Shella said...

Hey urad sabut is the lentil that we use for idly but the whole lentil and that too with the skin on. I hope I am able to clarify your doubts.

Khushbu said...

I agree with PK, making it now and not sure when to add the onions green chillies? May be along with frying of the ginger flakes.

Neha Rizvi said...

M trying it right now had soaked it for entire day,pray that it turn out well