Thursday, October 18, 2007


First things first........breakfast today was Paneer Chilla - yummmmmmmm.

Alteration made to the remaining batter was. While on the tava an egg was broken on top of the chilla & sprinkled with some salt & black pepper & cooked on both sides.
The result ........

The verdict.........eggilicious !!!

I loved it, n I dont know about hubby coz there was just one made, n he didnt get to eat it !!!


Seena said...

I liked this Shella........pinney, paavam nallapaathikkum kodukkane..dear

sra said...

Good for you Shella, it looks delicious.

Sirisha Kilambi said...

Shella...Looks delicious...yummmm

Rina said...

Shella, why don't you send these egg entries to the Click Event - Theme Egg to Bee and Jai

Shella said...

Seena - patium ada paranja. So I will heed to both your requests n do so next time ;-)

Sra - it was awesome Sra.

Shirisha - good looking & good tasting too

Rina - but I was under the impression that I was to click the egg in its original form??