Thursday, October 18, 2007


Owing to navratras, I am to avoid anything non-vegetarian at home. Does that deter me from my addiction of blogging & baking & cooking - nah - never !!!

This is what I came up with - EGGLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE. The original recipe was from but I did make some modifications. I will be posting the pic soon, but the recipe goes as follows.

Ing -
3/4 cup - maida/self raising flour
1-1/4 cup - atta /wheat flour
1 tspn - baking powder
3 tbspn - cocoa powder
1 cup - powdered sugar (I added about 3/4 cardamoms in the grinder when grinding the sugar to get a lovely cardamom sugar)
3/4 cup - butter / oil / ghee
1/2 tspn - baking soda
3/4 cup - beaten curd
3 tspn - vanilla essense
handful of walnuts - broken coarsely
handful of dried dates - cut coarsely
1/4 tspn - cinnamon powder
a pinch of salt
1/4 cup - milk
4 tbspn - brown sugar

Method -
Preheat the oven to 180C.
Seive the flours, salt, baking powder & cocoa powder together. (the absent minded person I am, I even seived the powdered sugar along - & though the cake turned out fine, I would want you to go with the original recipe)
Add the baking soda into the curd & keep aside in a bigger container, coz the curd is going to rise.
Beat the sugar & the butter together till light.
Now in this sugar / butter mixture add the flour & the curd alternatively & mix well.
Ensure that there are no lumps left.
Add the vanilla essence - mix well
Add the cinnamon powder, the walnuts & the dates.
Mix well. If you feel the batter is quite thick add the milk to get the right consistency.
Grease a baking dish & pour the batter into the dish
Sprinkle the brown sugar evenly on top
Bake at 180C for about 40 mins.

The cake was delicious, soft & moist. I loved the dried dates in it & the brown sugar gave a very crunchy crust!!!


Padmaja said...

Many of me veggie friends keeps on asking me about eggless cakes and i find very few around, i have bookmarked yours!

sunita said...

That's a very nice eggless version

Sirisha Kilambi said...

This is a nice versio of eggless cake dear....Does it still be that fluffy without eggs...? This is a doubt I always get when I think of eggless cakes.....

bindiya said...

Hi Shella, this is a good recipe since we desperately need something without eggs these days, thx.

Shella said...

Padmaja - I too feel this recipe is a keeper. Cake made y'day gone today is the verdict!!! And that too gobbled up all alone by my husband - is there need to say anymore

Sunita - yes dear.

Shirisha - yes it is really soft & moist. The curd & baking soda is the substitute for eggs.

Bindia - yeah truly said.

Rina said...

Wow, that is an interesting Cake dear.. Thx for the recipe. Good for the vegies.. I've never eaten a cake made without an egg. Does it taste different.. or you can't find the difference?

Shella said...

Rina - no you just cant make out the difference. Its that good.

Pravs said...

Cake looks so yummmmy !! Eggless cake is something i was looking out for. Thanks for sharing.