Wednesday, October 17, 2007


SEE GOD'S GLORY - by Dr Bill Bright

Jesus saith unto her, 'Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God?'" (John 11:40, KJV).How wonderful to behold the glory of God! And in varying degrees you and I have the capability and opportunity of doing that very thing!Jesus here, of course, is talking to Martha about her brother Lazarus, whom He was just about to raise form the dead. The message is plain: "Because you believed, Martha, you will see the glory of God in the raising of Lazarus."

Because you and I dare to believe God today, against all evidence and appearances to the contrary, He will let us see something of His glory. Just what is meant by that?Most scholars agree that the glory of God in this context at least, refers to the power and goodness displayed in the resurrection. That holds endless possibilities of fulfillment.Amazing, isn't it, that the simple matter of believing often is so difficult for the believer, as we are called? "Ye receive not, because ye ask not." "According to your faith be it unto you." "Ye receive not because ye ask amiss."

May our Lord increase our faith by driving us into His Word, since "faith comes by hearing, and hearing by His Word."


Padmaja said...

hey what an amazing read shella,
You brighten my day along with noel by 6 yr old with these amazing god's words every now and then,I do believe in god, used to go to church when i was little but now we don't and i feel so guilty that I haven't been taking noel to even a sunday school.

Shella said...

Am so glad it helps. I share coz God's word is always an upliftment into someone's life somewhere always.

Will be posting more often.

Swaroopa said...

it surely is an upliftment. thanx 4 sharing.

Rina said...

Cool! cool! cool! sheila, I'm so happy I discovered a believer amidst of this food blogging community. I'm a pastor's wife. I'm working on a spriitual blog for my husband to to share the spiritual thoughts ans make somebody's day online. you are welcome to visit our blogs. and then navigate thru the menu for our various blogs and websites.

Really so happy to locate a christian. And reading the comments new that padmaja is a one amoung us. We will keep it touch. You can mail me thru my the email optin in my food blog.

Nice meeting you. Keep the good work of our Lorf Jesus Chirst..going up. We are in the end days..He is coming soon. And what a joy for those who are in the Lord. Also we have the responsiblity to bring those lost to His marvelous light.

Shella said...

Swaroopa - yes ...God's words are always enriching.

Rina - we communicated