Friday, October 5, 2007


I have never made white small oblong baingan in my life, but this week while doing my regular shopping for grocery, I saw them beckoning to me & I very quicking obliged by picking up a batch. While doing so, there was this lady next to me, who asked me how I made them coz she had never made them. I cooked up a very recipe in my mind & told her so, but also added that I've never tried it. She gave me a wiered look & walked away without buying the eggplant. Here goes my recipe & it indeed was wonderful.

Ing -
250 gms - white baingan (small oblong ones)
1 onion - chopped finely
1/2 inch pc of ginger - grated
3/4 flakes - garlic grated
1/2 tspn - haldi
1/2 tspn - amchur
4/5 - green chillies (I made them really spicy)
Method -
Wash & dice the eggplants.
In a kadai, add some oil & add the garlic & ginger grated
When they turn brown, add the onions & stir for about 1/2 minute
Add the baingan, green chillies & some salt & close the lid.
Let the baingan cook thoroughly.
Now add all the masalas & cook for about 2 minutes with closed lid
Serve with chappatis.



Me too want to try white egg plants for long time..:)Thanx for the idea:)

sra said...

Hi Shella, your post made me laugh - that lady must have wondered how you recommended a recipe you never made - let's hope she sees this post!

Asha said...

I grew some of those this year, love the texture and taste too. Dish looks delicious!:))

Shella said...

RAK's kitchen - do try & let me know. We all really loved the texture.

Sra - I visited your blog - really good. Keep it up. I am sure she wont. That Kashmiri aunty will never come blogging my way I am sure.

Asha - Wow Asha you grew them. You are such a nice girl.

sra said...

Shella, thank you for visiting my blog and patiently commenting on all those posts - I saw all of them - won't be able to reply just now but I wanted to let you know they're much appreciated.

Happy cook said...

They looks yummy. I have seen them in shops but never bought them

Shella said...

Sra - anytime dear. You dont have to thank me. I guess this is what blogging is all about. Encouraging each other.

Happy cook - You should try them.

remya said...

looks yummy....i havent tried white eggplants yet....i have seen in grocery shops....will try next time....

Rina said...

Shella, this is one yummy eggplant dish

Shella said...

Remya - you should try them for once at least. The texture is lovely.

Rina - thanks dear.

A kitchen scientist & a white rat hubby!!! said...

hee hee Shella, can imagine the luk on the lady's face when u said u havent tried it yet!!..very loyal, arent u??...

Shella said...

Sona - yep. I had to supress a laughter (yes not just a smile) at that lady's reaction!!! hmmm......very loyal