Friday, August 24, 2007


I was talking to my colleague about the different attitude various people have about keeping / discarding old stuff, or the sentiments attached to them.

I collect a lot of paper stuff - old cards, letters from friends, from husband (during our courtship days), from Dad, from Brother, recipes, quotes collected from the net etc. etc., sms's sent by my husband to me

She said she would be very attached to the furniture that they've used in their house, n an old bed they used when she, her sister & her brother were very small had to be given away because it wouldnt fit into a house they had shifted, made her really really sad!!

Likewise another friend of mine just said that she would never give away the furniture that she had used in Patna with her husband (she has lost her husband in a very unfortuante incident).

I wonder what my blogger friends like to keep as Memorabilia


rv said...

oh dear:) thats so touching, i too am very attached to some things in life:) i too keep the letters my mom send me when i was in college, the bag she gave me when i was leaving home to US, i still have my dad's mobile numbder stored in my mobile though i lost him 3 months back, and i miss him lots, i also have those sms tha he send me, its all so touching :)

Shella said...

Oh Roopa, I am sorry to hear that you lost your dad, & I understand you want to keep the last impressions of him in your life.