Thursday, August 9, 2007


I never knew how much I still missed the place until I landed there a week before on 30th July' 07 after a gap of almost 10 yrs, n suddenly I felt like, gosh, where was I all this while.......with marriage, n job & home responsiblities I never got to think about the beauty & my love for this town of Kochi, n the whole State of Kerala so much.

Even this trip was sort of a whiff of generosity from my dear husband, who was filled with pity for me, when he saw me crying one day after speaking to my Grandma, who is old n frail. He really felt that he has been selfish & it was not fair on me to be held back to visit this place. He quickly made arrangements & left me at the airport on 29th morning......when the plane was about to land Nedumbasheri Airport it struck me how beautiful the place still was n how much I have missed it. We used to be regular summer vacation goers to Kerala all throughout my shcool life - 2 full months in Kerala, spent at Granny's place, with neighbors & relatives showering attention to the "Delhi-innu-vanna-piller"!!!

With job & marriage to a Punju guy, never did imagine I would ever be able to visit this place once again.......but it did happen, n I got to spend a luxurious (7) days in Ernakulam.

Since the time I have been back, I havent been able to stop thinking about the simple life there, the beautiful picture perfect sceneries, the tatt-kadas, the sumptous mouth watering yummy food, the bakeries, the roads lined with coconut trees, the lagoons, the lakes, the ocean, .........n I wonder if I would ever be able to make that place my own ????


Di said...

You are not alone in wishing to be in kerala …to enjoy the natural beauty and all that makes Kerala “God’s own country”. There may be hundreds and thousands of us wishing for the same (of course I'm one of them !!) …so all I can say is “Amen” :)

rv said...

hey u too from ernakulam,kerala ? me too:) nice to know that! I too miss my home....

Shella said...

Di - I hope your wish too comes true someday.

Roopa - "Roopa Vij" is that a mallu, N. Indian combo?? Where in Ernakulam are you from? Have you moved out only after marriage?