Monday, August 27, 2007


Happy Onam to all my blogger friends.

I wonder what's cooking in everybody's kitchen. I have nothing to cook in mine, one because I havnt tried my hand on any Mallu sadya food, & secondly & importantly because my father-in-law passed away earlier this year, & therefore no celebrations. I have till now never given my husband a Mallu sadya, & I hope that by next year, I will master my hand in cooking mallu food & be able to give him a proper sadya. I will need all your help in the learning process.

Meanwhile, can I stop by at somebody's house for the sadya??

Happy Onam once again.


archana said...

Wish you a very happy Onam, wish you were somewhere closer that we could invite you over for Sadya. I am sure you will be making a grand Onam sadya next year. I am glad to help with what i know. But above all Onam is a celebration in the heart, when you think about making a sadya, you are there with the rest of us in the Onam spirit.

Shella said...

Thanks dear. You are gracious to even think about inviting me over. I hope I will be able to give a grand ona-sadya next year. My husband is quite a reluctant person when it comes to trying out new tastes, but he has agreed that he will oblige me by experiment with mallu food. I havent started yet, but am collecting recipes from all blogs to see what I can cook up for him. Wish me luck

Mishmash ! said...

Belated Onam wishes to you too :) Kerala recipes, especially sadya ones are am sure, u can prepare an absolutely beautiful sadya next year and give ur hubby a kerala flavour :) All the best :)


Shella said...

I hope so. I would like to actually serve it to him on a vayaella & I had a little joke on his expense when I told him that absolutely everything is served on the ella, n it is mandatory to eat everything with your hands, even the payasam.

He is a person who has rarely eats rice with his hands. It is only after 6 of years of intense training that he has learnt to enjoy rice with his hands, but still he has a long way to go in the sense he cant make a good pidi to put in his mouth!!! Its really funny to see him eat.

N he had his eyes rolled up wondering how anybody could eat payasam with his / her hands without the help of a spoon & that too from an ella.