Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Delhi is famous for its variety of Chaats. N I really freak out on chaats. The variations are endless & the result is always - mouth watering, lip smacking good!! Nothing to beat the tangy, sweet, spicy - all in one flavors tingling your taste buds. Here's what I made up with whatever was at home

The following recipe serves (2. I used whatever I had at home & innovated the following.

Ing -
10/12 pcs of Paapdi - use the whole ones
1/2 cup - corriander chutney
1/4 cup - sweet tamarind chutney
1/2 cup - thick curd
1 tbspn - roasted & ground cumin powder
1 tspn - chaat masala
1 tspn - red chilli powder (optional)
4 tbspn - raita boondi (optional)

Separately -
2 boiled potatoes - big ones (mash them well)
some corriander leaves - washed & chopped finely
2 green chillies - washed & chopped finely
salt to taste
a pinch of garam masala

Mix all the above well & keep separately.


In a dish spread out the paapdi separately.
Top it with the potato mixture - press some onto the paapdi
Using a spoon cover the aloo with some curd, then top with sweet tamarind chutney, then with green chutney & finally with more curd.
Sprinkle the cumin powder, chaat masala & the boondi.

Add a dash of green chutney & tamarind chutney all over.

ENJOY. We both were so impressed by this chaat that we made a 2nd serving n skipped dinner!!


Timepass said...

Take the name of chaat and I will present myself there the next minute.. ur chaat looks Lip smacking. I can also easily eat chaat for dinner.

Lakshmi said...

Chaat..and I am always there. I love them so much. I have a pack of papdi left at home will try this. :)

Shella said...

Timepass - I can eat chaat all the time, n miss out a meal!! I love them so very much. I will be posting more recipes of chaat to keep a watch.

Lakshmi - Do try n let me know the review.

Happy cook said...

I love chat but my hubby and daughter doesn't like it. So the majority wins and i never make them. So can just drool

Sia said...

shella, i can easily clean off the plate within a minute... beautiful...

Kribha said...

This dish matches your blog name. Truly a work of art. The blend of colors looks so beautiful.Love your recipe. I love chaats but I've not done it before. Will try it soon.

Rina said...

Lov all kinds of chats, dear.

Shella said...

Happy Cook - i personally feel that we all are so devoted to our families that we always sacrifice our likes. Darling, once in a while, you should give yourself so much devotion to make somthing yummy for yourself - so just go ahead, whether anybody likes it or not!!!

Sia - agree with you whole heartedly.

Kribha - thanks so much. Do try. You do not what you are missing out on my dear.

Rina - me too.

Asha said...

YUMMY!! Chaats are always welcome in my house, great recipe Shella, thanks:))

vimmi said...

Looks great. my mom makes it many times but here I just get very lazy. I try to make chaats on sunday evenings. Will try this out soon.

Dhanggit said...

they look undeniably delicious!! hope you will invite me to dine at your place one day :-)

Shella said...

Asha - glad that you liked them. Do try.

Vimmi - Chaats are so welcome. I too get lazy at times. But do try out the recipe.

Dhanggit - thanks for dropping by. Sure thing. Anytime you feel like just hop by!!

Sig said...

oh delicious... I normally don't like chat, except for a few, but these pics are tempting...

Cynthia said...

Chaats are so good aren't they?

Nupur said...

You are making me weak with hunger. That looks so delicious!

Rachel said...

That is a lovely looking chat...looks very tempting

Shella said...

Sig - you should try this one. You'll love it.

Cynthia - they sure are dear. Make me drool all the time.

Nupur - are these tempting?? Go ahead make them at home. Waste no more time

Rachel - thanks dear

sagari said...

i already have a water in my mouth my seeing the picccc looks soo yummyy

Jeena said...

Hey there Shella this recipe looks fantastic yummy.

Laavanya said...

Count me in for chaat anytime Shella.. this looks delicious and so very easy too (I usually have the chutneys in the fridge). Lucky you being in delhi.. chaats all around.

Nags said...

i admire anyone who can make chaat at home! lovely!!

Shella said...

Sagari - thanks for the comments dear. They make my mouth water too!!!

Jeena - thanks for dropping by. I hope you will try it.

Laavanya - that is absolutely something I love about Delhi. You get chaats so easily. N all places taste so different!!!

Nags - thanks for dropping by dear. It is actually not rocket science. You have to try it just once & you'll see for yourself

swapna susarla said...

wow shella
the chat looks awesome.can u please tell me how to make the green chutney?/thanku.