Sunday, November 18, 2007


The world chocolate itself transports some of us into a different world alltogether. At least it does that to me. A few other things in life can compare to the feeling of a chocolate melting in your mouth........mmmmmmmm - yes that's exactly how I go. I can close my eyes & just be somewhere different altogether when I am having a chocolate. I dont know how many of you share such sentiments with me, or maybe you think I am crazy....but really good chocolates do that to me. I love a whole brick of LINDT, n mind you its the biggest one I prefer. Unfortunately, now I dont have my brother abroad who always brought back a few bricks whenever he came to Delhi, or infact he knew I loved them soooo much that he even managed to send at least one through somebody coming down to India!!! I miss him being abroad sooooo very, very much. N neither do we both travel abroad often to pick up a few. In Delhi, I just find the smallest bars n that too not at many stores, n the small bars dont give me that sort of a kick as that big one did!!!!

Now let me not get carried away.......I guess I will have to wait for someone to have pity on poor me, ........n I dont know when.

I have been wanting to try making some chocolate at home, but never was too serious about it, till the pretty Zlamushka of ZLAMUSHKA'S SPICY KITCHEN announced her Event of "A SPOONFUL OF CHRISTMAS".

Though the result was not half as good as any store brought chocolate, but I am contriuting the same, with load of love & good wishes to her for the event.

1/2 cup - cocoa powder
1 cup - milk
2 cups - sugar
1 tbspn - vanilla essence
4 tbspn - melted butter (white)
1/4 cup - red wine
1 tspn - cofee powder (Nescafe)
1/2 cup - toasted almonds - crushed coarsely or better still chopped to small pcs.

Method -
In a heavy bottomed pan (preferably a big one), mix the milk, sugar, cofee & cocoa powder.
On low flame melt the sugar while stirring. When everything has blended well increase the flame & let it come to a boil, stirring all the while.
Now leave the mixture on low flame & let cook.
Do the the cold water test,i.e., when a drop of the mixture is put into cold water, it should retain shape.
When this happens, remove from flame & add the vanilla essense & butter & beat in one direction for about 3/4 minutes.
Add the almonds & mix well.
Pour into greased moulds or on a greased cookie sheet & let cool.

I used a plastic chocolate mould sheet for the shell shaped chocolates & used a ice tray for the heart shaped ones.

Now for the results.

I found them way too sweet, n the next time (if there is one!!)I shall be adding only 1-1/2 cup sugar. I was also not satisfied with the texture of the chocolate. It was not as creamy as the readymade chocolates. I personally felt that they were not half as good as what the market chcolates are. My husband was very pleased with the chocolates. He loved the wine flavor. My MIL too was very, very happy.

If there is anybody who has experience in making chocolates, or has some good chocolate recipes, please do give me some suggestions.

Meanwhile, Zlamushka this is for you...............MERRY CHRISTMAS


Di said...

wowwwwwww.......yummy looking chocos. i desparately wanna have a bite !!! its looking so tempting. Keep up the good work n master the art of making chocolates, so that we won't be standing at the departmental store drooling over Lyndt ;-)

s.j.simon said...

lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this

Padmaja said...

Those definitely don't look as if they were made by a first timer!!
Looks so Pro!!!
Congrats on your first attempt!!

A kitchen scientist & a white rat hubby!!! said...

way to go, too too tried a hand with chocolates, hummm,.,oru naal njaanummmm


Looks perfect...!!!Can't belive its ur frst attempt:)

Happy cook said...

Hey u can parcel a pak for me too :-)

Shivapriya said...

Wow chocolate cake with out eggs. Looks and sounds delicious. Eggless dishes are my fav. You have a nice blog and yummy dishes. Thanks a lot for dropping by my blog.

Shella said...

Di - thank you so much. You are my best food critic. What would I do without you.

Simon - banned or not Simon. I can never do w/o them, n I am sure there will be many others with me.

Padmaja - thank you for the compliments.

Sona - aa divasam vegam varette.

Raks - it is my first attempt. I think the presentation is doing the tricks.

Happy Cook - sure thing girl. May I hv your address pls.

Shivpriya - thanks fr dropping by n liking my blog. BTW, its not a chocolate cake.

zlamushka said...

Shella, you are being way too critical, I think. Your chocolate bites look gorgeous. I love the part when you add red wine. That is something I have never heard of, but would love to try.
I cannot speak for the taste, but if your hubby says it s good, then it is Perfect! :-)

Thank you very much for participating my event. i am sure other bloggers will be grateful for the entry, as well.

Happy cooking :-)

Kribha said...

Home-made chocolates!!! You are a super lady. Incase you donno, I'm a chocoholic and your chocolates look absolutely flawless. If you make some next time, please send me some.

sagari said...

wowww home made chocolateeeee lovelyyyy look soo yummyyyyyy

Shella said...

Zlamushka - cant help it. If its not perfect I am unable to appreciate it. But thanks for your encouragement.

Kribha - thanks dear. Same pinch, Chocoholic I am to the core. If you give me your address, I shall pack off a box right away.

Sagari - thanks Sagari. I am glad you like them.

Mitu said...

WOW......Shella no doubt u r a great cook...but the best part is u r kind enough to share the recipe. that 4 sure very soon i'll try some of the recipe's.
lots of love.

TBC said...

Lindt is one of my favorites:-). Have you tried the one with orange in it? It is so good!

Shella said...

Mits - you know dear, that's a story behind my sharing attitude. I dont know if you remember, but when we were kids n I used to come over to your home to study English from Aunty. She once told me something which I have till date not forgotten. In my childish behaviour I was not wanting to share somethign with you, when she said to me "beta, you should always learn to share everything with others, coz the more you share the more you gain". Tell Aunty that I have that one thing imbibed in me & I am thankful for her advise that day, which is stored in my heart forever. I really remember our childhood days so much.

TBC - Oh dear. I love the orange one, I love the dark chocolate one, I love each & every variety of the LINDT chocolate bar. Pls TBC dont make me fret for not having one right now!!! A big chocolatey hug to you.

Rachel said...

that is way too good for a one thing why don't you send some over to my place...really long time since i had homemade chocos

Shella said...

Rachel - hey have you made chocolates at home. If they turn out good can you pls send me the recipe??