Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I saw this one early in the morning & thought I'd share it with all of you. These are small things we often forget & leave God our creator way too far behind, making our own decisions & not asking for his support. If we let him rule our lives, I am sure nothing can go wrong. I know it takes time to sink in.....

KEEP ALERT - by Gail Rodgers

Many of you write and share your stories of personal worlds that are challenging and even desperate at times. We know many are shaken up by circumstances in your lives and homes. We are all shaken by the unrest in our world.

Even when life is going smoothly and we are in a good space, we often share a sense of instability as we look at life around us.

Throughout the whole book of Hebrews God gives us steps to take that will keep us firm footed during times when our world is shaking. Whether it's on a personal level or on a larger scale, God knows our situations and our hearts. He offers
sound counsel to steady us in an unstable world .

"We must pay more careful attention therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away" (Hebrews 2:1).

1) Pay attention to what you have already learned about trusting God.

Write out a couple of Bible verses that God has used to touch your heart. Put them by your sink or mirror. Leave them there until you know them by heart. When God speaks to you through a scripture or a devotion, knead it into your heart like flour into bread. It will amaze you how His Word will bring peace and stability to your heart and mind. Keep growing in your faith.

2) Don't let your heart drift off.

Guard your heart. Take time to pray. Find a few quiet moments or go for a walk and simply tell God the many things on your heart. Be open and honest. Thank Him for the good things you are enjoying. Tell Him your struggles. Tell Him your heart tends to drift. Ask for His Holy Spirit to fill you with His power. Listen for His Spirit to speak to yours. Yes, pray on the run as you head out the door, but make quiet time to get into His presence, too. It is the most refreshing place you will ever find!

3) Make time to be with others who share your faith.

Find someone or somewhere to share your spiritual journey. We sharpen each other as we encourage one another in our faith. We aren't meant to go it alone.

~Father God,
You know my heart tends to drift from You. So many things distract me and even shake me. Today I ask You to help me to focus on You and what You have been saying to me. Help me to pay careful attention to my walk with You. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.


A kitchen scientist & a white rat hubby!!! said...

nice post Shella, very inspiring,....

Hima said...

nice message shella, thanks for sharing.

Neelam said...

Amen! Thanks for sharing!

Shella said...

Sona, Hima & Neelam - you are all welcome. I hope to bring some spirituality into the blog world too, good food & good God!!!