Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Laddus are a good, especially if they are packed with nutrition of almonds and moong daal. I am not too very fond of Indian sweets, but I really loved this laddu my MIL made. I am sharing the recipe with all of you, that's because I have such a biiiiiiig heart!!! No, No just kidding, its because I love you all so much.

Ing -
250 gms - moong daal atta
4 tbspn - ghee
200 gms - powdered sugar
5/6 cardamoms - powdered
1/2 cup - coarsely crushed almonds

Method -
Fry the atta in the ghee till it turns golden brown in colour. Keep stirring in between.
Close the flame & add the powdered sugar, cardamom powder & almonds
Now let the mixture cool just enough that you can bind them into laddus.

There you are - yummy laddus are ready to be gobbled up!!!


Sorry Girls - my fault. Even though I did make MIL tell me how to make Moong Daal Atta, I forgot to post the same. My it goes

Take about 1/2 kg split green moong (when I go home I shall be posting a pic of that daal too, so that there is no confusion at all). Dry roast it in a kadai, stirring continuously, for about 10 minutes.
Let it cool & then grind it into a fine powder in the grinder.
Seive & use it as atta!!


DEEPA said...

Wow!!!!very healthy laddo .....and yummy one too ...wish i could have one of them

Rina said...

Good recipe Sis. Tempting laddoos. But where to get the moong dhall atta here. May be we have to grind them at home.

remya said...

sounds delicious...hmm healthy laddoos...very unigue one...thanku for sharing...i havent tasted it yet...

Redchillies said...

Very nice recipe and thanks for sharing this wonderful delight.

Seema said...

Your last statement is rightly said. They are indeed ready to be gobbled up.

bee said...

will this work with besan? 'cos i don't get moong dal atta here.

easycrafts said...

This is new to me...truly easy to make and tempting

Seena said...

don't know here we get moong dal atta..if so will surely try this..thanks Shella..

Shella said...

Deepa - sure you can dear. Just pick one of them up - but remember just one!!! :-)

Rina - see my update on the same post darling. My mistake.

Remya - thanks for dropping by. Yes I too am having it for the first time.

Red Chillies - a warm welcome to you & hope you like the recipe.

Seema - so true. Cant tell you how much of my will power it takes not to gobble up the whole lot.

Bee - I guess it will work with besan too, but check out my update, I have given the recipe for moong daal atta too.

Easycraft - do try out the recipe & let me know the review.

Seena - check out the update. You can make the atta at home now.

Latha Narasimhan said...

You definitely have a large heart to admit your small mistake openly dear! :) I too make same proportions as your MIL! May be we should try with raw moong dal sometime! :)Enjoy your laddoos.

TBC said...

Looks good. I don't think I've eaten one of these before.

Shella said...

Latha - we all learn from our mistakes - dont we?? hmmm raw moong daal, should try it sometimes. If you make this version, try raw moong daal, n let me know how it came out.

TBC - it was the first time for me too, but I really loved it. It had a very crunchy texture coz of the crushed badaam