Thursday, November 8, 2007


This is the recipe for Gaajar Ka Halwa. But you will see that it is a very quick version for the same, but is as delicious as the tedious one!!!! So anytime you want, you can enjoy them both.

Ing -
500 gms - carrots / gaajar
200 gms - khoya
1/2 cup - condensed milk
1/2 cup - sugar (or according to taste)
4 cardamoms - crushed
handful of dry fruits / raisins as per your desire.
Enough ghee to saute the carrots

Method -
Scrape the carrots. Wash them & grate them.
In a kadai, add enough ghee to saute all the grated carrots.
Saute carrots till semi-cooked.
When they are cooked, add the condensed milk & sugar.
Cook till no moisture is left, stirring in between.
Add the crushed cardamoms
Mix well.
Grate the khoya & add into the halwa / pudding.
Mix well
Cook for about 2 mins.
Fry the dried nuts & raisins & add into halwa.


Asha said...

Nice Gajar Halwa, right on time for Diwali. Enjoy!:))

Rina said...

Wow!! thats one cool one Sis.