Monday, September 24, 2007


I have made this snack just once & it was really good. I had made it for a get-together of colleagues at my place & got great reviews for the same. It was pretty simple so I bet all of you can try it.

Ing -
1/2 kg - boiled & mashed potatoes
1/2 cup - grated cheese
salt to taste
green chillies - very, very finely chopped
corriander leaves - again, very very finely chopped
2 big Onions - finely chopped & then fried
bread crumbs

Method -
Mix all the ingredients together. Dont try to mash the potatoes after adding the cheese, but do so before hand & then add the cheese. There should be no lumps in the potatoes.
Heat oil in a pan. Roll the mixture into balls, roll them into bread crumbs & fry in hot oil.

They come out very crunchy from outside & gooey from inside, since the cheese melts.


easycrafts said...

cheese and potatoes--wow super combination

Shella said...

Easycrafts - it sure is a super combo. Melt in your mouth.....& gooey

Pooja V said...

A super cool combo...who the heck would say no it ? love it.

Shella said...

Pooja - yep. There r some ppl I know who'd say no - they dont like paneer!!!! said...

Sounds Delish!

Shella said...

Hi Kanchana - thanks for dropping by & liking the recipe. You have an absolutely yumm looking blog.

TBC said...

This sounds great!

Shella said...

TBC - yep. Right. yummy