Sunday, September 2, 2007


There was an event conducted by Sig of LIVE TO EAT, sometime earlier this year. I was unfortunately not a part of the blog world then .....but seeing all the wonderful recipes there, I thought I'd put my Litchi recipe on my blog....... It is an authentic "Shella" recipe......

Ing :-

1/2 Kg - firm but ripe litchis
2 mangoes - ripe. - peeled & pureed.
500 ml - any ice cream of your choice, but vanilla goes best.
one small cake (you wont need all of it)


Peel the litchis, & without breaking them open fully carefully extract the seed from inside from the top itself.
With a small dessert spoon fill the cavity with the mango puree, dont fill it to the top.
Using a small cake peice seal the litchi.
Remembering all the while that you have to handle the litchi with a lot of care & compassion.
After filling & sealing all the litchis, put them on a tray & put them in the freezer for about 10 mins. They should not freeze, but be a little firm.
Meanwhile, melt the ice-cream into a semisolid consistency, i.e., leave it outside the fridge, but dont let it turn watery.
Now in an individual small serving bowl place one litchi, pour the ice-cream, put on add yet another litchi, then the ice-cream till the bowl gets full. Top if off with anything you desire, either a cherry, or maybe some chopped lithci & magoes.


Gini said...

This sounds like a totally sexy dessert :)

Shella said...

Thanks Ginni. You bet it is, the cold smooth flesh of litchi, drooling with mango puree, dipped in ice-cream, all sounds sooo incredibly sexy. Nahi???