Saturday, September 29, 2007


Methi is just about arriving in the vegetable markets, but its always such a nice feeling to pick up something after such a long time, though come winters, it is going to be the only thing that you make on & off!!! Methi is a veggie which some people hate totally & some people love completely.
I never liked it all that much - more so because it is very tedious to clean it. I miss my FIL a lot when it comes to cleaning veggies, coz he was such a sweetheart & used to keep all veggies cleaned so perfectly & cut them up & put them into dubbas whenever he visited us here in Delhi. Even if someone would be coming down from Kanpur he always handed over a box of cleaned methi leaves, or a bottle of peeled garlic flakes. He used to worry that since I am working I wouldnt have the time to do all this & therefore he would be more than willing to help me out this way. God bless his soul.
Ing -
1/2 kg - Methi leaves (cleaned & chopped)
2 potatoes - scraped & diced
2 tbspn - mustard oil
1/2 tspn - jeera
5/6 flakes garlic - grated
1 tspn - garam masala
1 tspn - chilli powder
1/2 tspn - haldi
1 tbspn - malai / cream
Method -
In a kadai burn the mustard oil. Add the jeera & the garlic. When brown add the potatoes.
Cook till the potatoes are half done.
Add the methi leaves. Cover & cook till the potatoes & the leaves are cooked fully
Add the haldi first & stir well
Add the salt, garam masala & chilli powder - mix well
Cover & cook till the oil start separting & the methi / alu has turned crispy - stir in between.
Lastly add the malai & the sugar. Mix once more. Let cook for another minute & remove from fire
Serve with chappatis or parathas.
I know the dish does go with the subzi, but I absolutely had to show off the new dish that I purchased from The Home Store - Noida. I couldnt wait for something more perfect to display on the dish!!!
2nd Oct is a holiday & therefore me & Rajeev are off to Agra for a small break. I will miss you all & blogging. Its so become a part of my life & enjoy everything very much, especially you girls!! I was secretly hoping that he would agree to pick up the laptop, but he gave me a dirty look - knowning fully well why I was enquiring.
Will catch you girls soon with more news & recipes & hopefully something new from Agra!!!
Love you all & miss me !!!


Srivalli said...

Methi looks divine...enjoy the break...

mimo said...

I like your alu methi recipe

Shella said...

Srivalli - It was yumm, & I plan to take the leftovers stuffed as parathas for tomorrows trip. Thanks.

Mimo - thanks Mimo.

Rajitha said...

have fun shella...i know about the dirty look too ;)

Saju said...

I love methi, and methi alu looks so good. we usually add aubergine (eggplant) to this dish too

Siri said...

Methi looks awesome and have a lovely trip..:D

Cynthia said...

So Rajeev gave you dirty books when you mentioned the laptop huh? :D Nevermind darling, we'll be right here when you get back. Have a good time.

Lissie said...

looks like a very tasty dish! enjoy your holiday!!!

A kitchen scientist & a white rat hubby!!! said...

honestly, the dish luks great!!..happy vacation!

Shella said...

Rajitha - am glad you know that too. I guess we are all sailing in the same boat.

Saju - aubergine in alu methi, hmmm new variation. I wonder how it tastes.

Siri - thank you dear.

Cynthia - my dear, he didnt give me a dirty book!!! now where did you get that idea from ....naughty girl!! Thanks for waiting on me to get back. Love you.

Lissie - thank you Lissie.

Sona - thank you for both the wishes & liking the dish.

Micheline said...

Interesting to know.