Thursday, September 20, 2007


Its mine, its mine .......& only mine.
At a home of two people, where the husband does not favor cheese, the whole box of cheese slices or cheese spread is mine & only mine!! Whenever I reach out my hand to pick up a cheese from the stands, I quickly pull it back reminding myself "you'll have to eat it all by you want to add up on so many calories......nobody is going to share your burden". I am able to put that back only once in a while, but there are times when the cheese beckons me from the stands, begging me to pick it up, longing for a home........& taking pity on the poor cheese, I pick it up & put it in my basket, giving it a name "Shella's Cheese". How I use it is a different story altogether. I pretend to ignore it sitting on the shelf of the fridge, but when I crave, I use it either on bread slices, or on Pizzas, or just consume on its own.......but what I love most is the Omlette I make for myself.........heavenly oozing cheese, in a bed of an egg (mind you, only one egg). It may be known to quite a few of you, but nonetheless, its given below.
Ing -
1 - egg (you can use two or more if you want, I restrict myself for known reasons!!)
2/3 - green chillies (I really like it spicy & the flavor of the chillies do wonders to the omlette)
a little green corriander - finely chopped
1 big onion - finely chopped
a small pc of ginger - grated
3/4 curry leaves
a pinch of sugar
salt to taste
1/2 tsp - sooji / semolina / rawa
1 tbspn - milk
cheese - as much as you like
Method -
In a fry pan, drizzle very, very little oil & add the onions & the sugar.
After about half a minute add the curry leaves
On slow flame saute till onions are a good pink colour.
Meanwhile beat well the egg with the corriander leaves, chillies, ginger, semolina, milk, salt. What I generally do is add the milk, semolina & egg into the mixer & whip it up for a few seconds till frothy, & then fold the rest of the ings very lightly.
Now add the sauteed onions, after removing the curry leaves.
Mix lightly.
On the same pan, add some more oil & spread the omlette.
Let cook on slow flame from one side.
Flip it over & on the cooked side, add the cheese (if its a spread - just add as it is, if slices - just shred them, or if cubes - grate them).
Now fold the omelette & let cook for another few seconds.
You have an absolutley heavenly omelette with a heavenly filling all set for your stomach!!!
Just try this out & you'll feel heaven!! I always do. I dont take any bread or anything to go with this.
Just take a little ketchup or mustard sauce to go with it.

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