Thursday, September 13, 2007


This is my second version of the dry matar paneer. This has been inspired by my husband, whose mom makes this & he gave me a description on how the subzi should look, & I had to really imagine the recipe to make it look the way he wanted it to. could have added to a Sherlock Holmes series.......the guessing & the mystery of the ingredients. But somehow, I did it.........& the result was a shiny-happy husband (Shiny Happy People - R.E.M.)
Ing -
250 gms - Paneer (diced - not very big chunks)
1/2 cup - matar / peas
a big, big bunch of corriander leaves, cleaned & chopped
1 tsp - jeera
2/3 big onions - chopped finely
1 tsp - garam masala
green chillies - as per taste
Method -
In a kadai heat some oil. When hot add the jeera
When jeera sputters, add the onions & the matar / peas
Add some salt
Close the lid & let the peas cook.
When the peas are done, add the paneer cubes, the garam masala, chillies, & more salt.
Cook till water from the paneer dries up
Add the corriander leaves, mix well
Serve with chapatis or stuff into grilled sandwiches.


Pooja V said...

This sounds very interesting, I think this is my first paneer recipe without tomatoes in it.

Nags said...

hello shella.. saw ur comment on happy cook's blog. u had asked about my event "show me your cookbooks". you can get all details here :

basically, you just need to take a picture with your fave cookbook, write a post with it and send it to me :)

Shella said...

Pooja - I have made it today for tiffin, but unfortunately didnt have the time to take a pic.

Nags - thanks dear. I will go thru the link & send you my entry.

easycrafts said...

nice recipe and like pooja said, the first for me too without tomatoes. I always wonder how to cook north indian side dish without tomato...and here is the answer to it. thanks for the recipe

Shella said...

Easycrafts - I too never knew how to make dishes w/o tomatoes, till my MIL came along. Cooking w/o tomatoes is easier, non-messy & quick too. I make almost all dry veggies w/o tomatoes.