Friday, September 14, 2007


Hi there!!

I have been a bit lazy today & all this blogging has really made me addictive. All I can think about is what to blog? Has anybody left a comment on my blog? Whose blog do I check out today?? I keep asking Diji (my friend at work) what recipes to post - she is a great help at that. I eat blog, I drink blog, I dream blog, I walk blog, I talk blog......blah, blah, blah!!! And the result has been that I have a constant headache these days (because my eyes are almost always glued to the computer !!) & I have a left eye infection (dont blame the blogging for that).

My eye is quite better now, therefore am back again.........cant keep myself away for too long, can I??

Moong dal is one dal that I have hardly ever had before marriage, & today, its the most frequently made dal at home. Now even my mom has started making it because of its simplicity.

Ing -
1 katori - moong dal (split green gram without the skin, which is a light yellow in colour)
1 tbsp - jeera / cumin seeds
5/6 garlic flakes - crushed coarsely
1 tsp - haldi / turmeric powder
1 tsp - red chilli powder
1 tsp - garam masala

Method -
Wash the dal well & pressure cook till done. Add salt while cooking. The ratio of the water should be 1:4 = dal:water.
In a small fry pan, add about 1 tbsp ghee.
When hot add the jeera. When sputterd add the garlic flakes
On slow flame let the garlic brown.
Turn off the flame & add the haldi, garam masala, chilli. (turning off the flame saves the masalan from being burnt since the oil is already very hot)
Add this into the cooker & mix well.
Garnish with corriander leaves

Serve with either phulka or rice


Jyothi said...

Hi, this is first time at your blog. Nice blog with yummy recipes. Even I was facing same blogging experience as you. This moongdal is very simple to prepare with delicious taste. Even I love to prepare quite often. Yours looks so yummy.

With this moongdal, I use to prepare four types of dal. One is with lemon juice, one more is with tamarind juice, one is with tomatoes and last one is plain this type of dish. I love each dish. You can some of these types in my blog.
Thanks for sharing dear.

Shella said...

Hi Jyothi

Am glad you liked my blog. I have really never made the moongdal in any other way. So I will defintley give them a try.

Do drop by more often.