Saturday, September 15, 2007


This halwa tastes awesome. Its comes straight from my MIL's kitchen. Amazingly smooth & sweet & definitely sinful!!!

But this is really only for those who can afford to indulge - unfortunately, me not one of the lucky ones, therefore I really keep away from this........but the aroma filling the kitchen when this is cooking is too much to deny a spoonful, ........& another one..........& another one - just one last spoonful!!!! The story goes just cant resist. See if you can......

The following quantity will make enough for two people.

Ing -
1 katori - sooji / semolina / rawa
1/2 katori - besan / gram flour
1/2 katori - atta / wheatflour
1-1/2 katori - ghee (if you want the authentic taste, use ghee......or else substitue with oil)
2 katori - sugar
a handful of cashew / raisins - fried
a tsp of crushed cardamom
6 katori - water

Method -

In a kadai add both the ghee & the semolina, gram flour & wheat flour. Fry well on slow flame.
It has to be fried till the colour has turned to a golden brown & the aroma will fill your house.
When this is done, add the water. Increase the flame & add the sugar & the cardamom powder.
Stir continuously till the water dries up.
Add the dry fuits & serve.

This is really an authentic dessert & tastes absolutely heavenly.

There is also a halwa made of only wheatflour, which is used to give as a prasad at Gurudwaras. There's a story behind it..........which I'll write when I post the recipe. Till then, happy cooking!!


Mansi Desai said...

sooji halwa, a traditional prasad fo all pujas!! I love it:)

Seena said...

sooo sweet! Me too posted one rawa recipe today..

bindiya said...

hey i posted the recipe of suji-halwa too but different from yours,will try out this too, sounds good

Cinnamon said...

Sooji halwa... yuummm... is perfect for a any occasion. I have my version posted in my blog..
Yours is completely new to me, and would definitly like to try!!

A picture would have explained it more better, as they say a picture can speak a thousand words... just a suggestion :)

Cynthia said...

Sounds tasty.

Shella said...

Mansi - Yes, this is invariably a prasad at Pooja's along with other goodies.

Seena - I will check out your recipe dear. I am sure it will be good.

Bindiya - Yes dear, this is indeed a very different recipe. I too never knew about adding atta & besan till I saw my MIL doing it.

Cinnamon - Do try & let me know if you liked this version? I am sure you will.

I will be posting pics whenever I make it. I very rarely make these things which are loaded with ghee/oil.

Cynthia - is tasty too. Try & let me know.

Carnation said...

sounds tasty...droolin already...have to try it out soon :)