Monday, September 10, 2007


I did some experimentation to get the following recipe right. But it turned out good & is quite a favorite. I had almost forgotten about it, until my friend Diji in office reminded me to post this one on the blog. So here it goes.

Ing -
250 gms - arvi/colacassia (try & use the same sized arvis, it makes them cook evenly)
1/2 katori - curd
1 big - onion
1 medium - tomato
4/5 garlic flakes
1/2 inch - ginger
1 pinch of heeng
1 tsp - ajwain
1/2 tsp - haldi / turmeric / manjal
1 tsp - kasoori methi
1 tsp - garam masala
1/2 tsp - red chillies
Salt as per taste

Method -

Wash the arvi & pressure cook for one whistle.
They will peel off easily & chop them into slices
In a cooker, add some oil, add the ajwain seeds
Make a paste of onions, ginger & garlic. & add it to the oil
Let fry well & add the tomato puree.
When the oil separates, add the hing, haldi, kasoori methi, red cillies. Fry well
Beat the curd using a spoon. There should be no lumps, it should be creamy.
Add this into the cooker & mix well.
Add the arvi & the salt.
Just put in 1/4 cup of water if you like a thick gravy. If you want more, add more water.
Close the lid of the cooker & wait for 2 whistles on high.
Switch off the gas & let the steam pass.
Open & add the garam masala & mix light handed, ensuring not to mash up the subzi.
Garnish with corriander leaves.

P.S - if your arvi has over cooked during the first cook, then you need not recook them. Just prepare the gravy & add the arvi. But this mehtod ideally allows the arvi to soak in the masalas.


Jeena said...

Recipe sounds good shella. :)

Lissie said...

arvi is chembu i guess. this is the first time i come across a good recipe for arvi!

don't worry Shella, you have added my blog to your Blog Diva's list! thank you very much! you are there in my Adorable Foodies too!!!

Shella said...

Jeena - I had a friend by that name, & you remind me of her. She's in Dubai now. Am glad you liked the recipe. Do try & see how it turns out.

Lissie - am so relieved. Your name reminds me of the famous Mallu actress. I really checked up your blog about 4/5 times to check if you've left a comment. Thank you. This recipe really turns out good. It has a tangy flavor & you can make it spicy too, by adjusting the chillies.

Shella said...

Lissi - yes, arvi is chembu, but the small variety. Not the big one. I'll ask mom what it is called exactly & get back to you.

Seena said...

Nice recipe Shella..Me also would make lots of diff.type of curries with chembu..thanks for the recipe..

musical said...

Quite a lovely recipe, Shella. I enjoy dahi with arvi a lot!

Shella said...

Seena - I know chembu/arvi is a very versatile vegetable. I too have a few other versions of this, which I will post with time.

Musical - thanks. I guess dahi blends quite well with the texture of arvi, making it a tangy experience for the pallete!!

Raaga said...

I am always looking for diff ways to make vegetables I am familiar with :-) thanks

Shella said...

Yes Raaga, its always nice to keep trying things, you never know what you come up with.