Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Some few years before Bengali rolls were only to be seen in Chittranjan Park area - the Bong domain in Delhi!!! Very soon it caught like wild-fire & now there is a Roll Corner at every nook & corner of the markets all around Delhi - n what do they sell???........the variations are endless......mouthwatering is the least I can say.

I call mine Zaiqa Chicken Roll coz theirs is the best I've had. They are in the Sector-18 market in Noida & they beat even the CR Park guys too!! They are absolutely the way I want them to be..........

Ing -
For the rolls -
1 kg - maida
4 tbspn - oil
salt to taste

For the filling -
1/2 kg - boneless chicken - cut into very small pcs
4/5 onions - chopped finely
5 tomatoes - pureed
1 tbspn - ginger - garlic paste
1 tspn - chilli powder
1 tspn - haldi
1 tbspn - chicken masala (use any brand MDH or Everest) - if not avlbl use 2 tbspn - garam masala
1 - capsicum
1 tbspn - ketchup

Separately -
2 onions - finely sliced
1/2 cabbage - sliced finely
1/2 cup - corriander-mint chutney
1/4 cup - chilli sauce
Mix all this together just before assemgling the rolls

1 egg - per roll

Method -
Rolls -
Knead the maida, oil & salt using some water into a tight dough.
Roll out like chappatis & keep them half done (not fully cooked from both sides)

Filling -
In a kadai heat some oil, add the ginger-garlic paste & fry well.
Add the onions & fry till brown
Add the tomato puree & fry till oil separates
Add the chilli powder, chicken masala, turmeric & fry well
Add the chicken pcs & the capsicum & cook till done.
Before removing from fire just add the ketchup

Finally -
On a nonstick griddle, drizzle some oil & place a roti on it. Fry from one side & flip to cook the other side.
Break an egg in a dish & beat well, now pour this onto the cooked side of the roti & flip over to cook the egg
Again flip with the egg side on top. The other end should have nice golden spots all over.
Remove from fire & in the center put some filling length wise.
On top of this add the onion/cabbage masala
Spread some more chutney /sauce on top of this & roll

You can wrap one end with a foil paper so that the filling does not fall out while eating.

I made this for Christmas once. The previous day I made the rotis & refrigerated them & used them to save me all the trouble of preparing everything the same day.

I know this is quite long, but its not all that difficult - n beleive me every bite with be worth the while.

Yummilicious !!!!


Pooja V said...

This sounds faboulous & interesting. Nice entree.

Shella said...

Pooja - this is a must try.