Monday, September 24, 2007


This is one yummy snack. I guess everybody has their own version, which is more or less similar too........but this is my mom's who used to make this all the time. And this makes me remember my little pet Silky (who has gone to be with the Lord - I hope), for whom the day the cutlets were made meant a feast for the next few days!! She was so adorable, she used to go and wait at the door of the kitchen, waiting for mom to open the cooker & pass some cooked minced meat onto her plate. Come what may, she would not budge from there till she got her share. But she was such a greedy dog, she just wouldnt stop at the meat, she would also very affirmatively ask for her share of the cutlets too. She would tug & toss at mom's saree till mom would give into her demands.......she was really the apple of our eyes, & we miss her so much that it hurts at times. I could go and on writing stories about my beloved pet, but I guess I'll stop here & go on with the recipe.
Ing -
1/2 kg - mince meat (mutton, beef or chicken)
5/6 - onions finely chopped
3/4 tbspn - ginger finely grated
a big bunch of corriander leaves - cleaned & finely chopped
4 tspn - garam masala
lots of green chillies
1/2 tspn - black pepper crushed
2 tbspn - cream
some atta diluted with water, add some salt (it should not be a very thin paste)
either bread crumbs or crush cornflakes in the grinder.
Method -
Cook the meat very well.
In a kadai put the meat & stir till the moisture evaporates. Dont make it too dry, just enough that the water dries up.
Now add the onions, ginger, corriander leaves, garam masala, black pepper & mash well with your hands. You should do so to ensure combining of all the ingredients.
Now add the cream - you can avoid this ing. But adding this makes the texture really smooth.
Now roll into desired shaped patties.
Heat oil in a kadai.
Dip the patties into the diluted atta mixture, roll into the crumbs & fry till golden brown. If you feel like you can leave out the crumbs too. The patties hold together even with the diluted atta paste very well.
We always had it with ketchup, or roll into chappatis & eat.
I am really missing this snack so much while posting this that I really feel like calling mom & askin her to make it.
Not being able to cook non-veg food as much as I would want to is the biggest disadvantage of marrying a preferred vegetarian. But poor thing, he never stops me from doing anything I wish, but then how is one to cooke 250 gms of chikcen or make just 2 cutlets???? So I leave it out. Maybe if I have kids one day I will make them pure nonvegetarians & enjoy food with them.


Seena said...

Hi Shella, where are you?
my cutlets recipe also similar to this..except that cream..howz your father now?

Shella said...

Seena - I am in Delhi dear. Mmmmmm, I guess it could be a mallu recipe then. My mom makes it & I learnt this fm her. Even the malai bit is not her introduction. I introduced it myself, coz a friend suggested this to me. Hv you posted it on your blog, I got to check it out then

bindiya said...

hi shella, i am sure these must be great, as all non veg. dishes usually are, sorry you cant cook it more often, come over to my place, i am in delhi tooo!!!we will have a non-veg feast!!!

Shella said...

Bindiya - so glad you liked the recipe. Its a real pity that I cant cook so much as I would like to yaar. Where do you live in Delhi?? You are such a sweetheart for offering me this. You know maybe one day soon we could organize a potluck party for all bloggers around Delhi?? Nice thought nahi??

Shella said...

And we could even share pics for our other friends to see

Mocha said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I make mean meen(fish) cutlets but I dont know how to make meat. A fear that i wont succed. Seeing your recipes I feel like taking the plunge. Cream sounds bit different but I am open. I like ur idea of making pure non veg kids.