Saturday, September 29, 2007


This blogging is really doing me a lot of good - at least my culinary skills. I tried my hand at Karela for the first time. First time because, I myself am not a fan of Karela & also because my husband never eats Karela. But yesterday when I made it I was so glad to him eat up the whole lot, (though I myself did not)..........but it made me really happy coz he said that he liked it very much!!!

Ing -
250 gms - Karela / bitter gourd / pavvaka
4 onions - chopped finely
1 tspn - haldi
1 tspn - red chilli powder
1/2 tspn - garam masala
1/2 tspn - amchur
1/4 tspn - saunf

Method -
Wash the karela nicely & skin them using a peeler. Dont throw away the skin.
Chop the karela into very small pcs. Apply some salt on both the pcs & the skin & leave overnight. If you like yours really bitter, you can avoid this step.
In a kadai, heat some oil add some saunf to it.
Now add the karela, the skin & the onions into the kadai & add some salt (I know you might wonder that if I had to add the skin into the kadai then why peel it in the first place - I dont know, I felt like & so I did, but then the skin came out really criply & I liked it).
Cover & cook till the karela is cooked.
Now add all the masalas, cover & cook till the karela turns cripsy all over. You have to keep stirring in between.


Saju said...

You are right, blogging has also made me into a keen cook, trying new ingredients and recipes.
I like that way you have cooked the karela. I must try it.

Shella said...

Saju - guess I am not the "sole soul" in this category. If we do a survey there'll be many of us. You should try it....